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A Website design prices

All AWebsite services are provided bespoke to meet your needs. For example, we can create a site for you from scratch or we can develop an optimisation programme for your existing site, to bring you enhanced visibility and increased traffic.
You might want us to redevelop your existing site, not only to bring in a better SEO element, but to ensure that the site’s look and feel are more appropriate to a modern audience. Or your project may involve us creating applications to bring your site to a wider audience across mobile as well as “traditional” (i.e. desktop and laptop) platforms.

So how much does a Website Design cost?

A full website design from AWebsite will cost you between £400 and £1500. Price depends on website type, modules included in web site and project complexity. For above price, you’ll get a bespoke responsive design, modules required by your business and  SEO optimised content management system. Every project requirements are different. If your site requires extra functionality or applications, for example the creation of a complex product catalogue, then we’ll quote that separately.

We can provide you with exact website design price. Just fill in this simple request a website price form and we get back to you with exact quotation and terms.

What about landing pages?

Our basic web design price list includes a fee for landing page design. It is a fixed price £120. This is based on the design of a single landing page, programmed for a specific Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign or targeted to specific keyword. You may need to run more than one PPC campaign to take proper advantage of the keywords and phrases available to you: we’ll develop bespoke landing pages for each one.

Is there a fixed fee for PPC campaign management?

AWebsite charges £100 for the first month of a PPC campaign and £80 for each month after that. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a separate charge – for SEM we charge £80 per month for 1 main and 5 additional keywords we market on your behalf. Because of the long lead-in time for effective SEM, we operate a minimum three month policy. This gives you the time you need to see the full effectiveness of your campaign, and will help you to make better informed decisions about the direction and intensity of your SEM campaign.

How much do you charge for SEO / SEM services?

If you create A Website with us, you’ll get SEO as part of the package. All of our own website designs are optimised to ensure maximum performance for keywords and phrases that we have researched on your behalf. We can add SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for an extra £100 monthly fee.

AWebsite also does SEO and SEM services for sites we haven’t built. If your existing site needs to improve its performance, increase your position in search results – Contact Us.

Time required for the website to reach desired position in search results depends on the current SEO health of your site, and the amount of competition in your market sector. We’ll be happy to produce a SEO report for you, detailing ways in which your site’s visibility and reach could be improved by our services.

Do you build applications?

Yes. AWebsite Developers can build applications for use within your site, or to complement it, suited to all mobile, tablet devices. Application costs vary between £200 and £500.

If you have any questions or would like some help and advice, please Contact Us.

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