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Key Elements That Every Graphic Designer Should Know

Graphic designing is a profession similar like any other, but actually it works over some terms and one must need to get familiar with the same. Having detailed information about the graphic design services would needed to be required for everyone whether he is a beginner, student or one who is having some knowledge about the same.

Raster Images- Raster images are those created with pixels and make determined the colour as well as form of the image.  Photos are raster images and Photoshop is also considered as the raster editor, so that the colour and other properties of pixels can be changed to make a new image. It is little tricky for a websites designer to resize the raster images due to made with finite amount of pixels. In case, you still wanted to adjust the size, then left you with making compromise to the actual quality.

Vector Images-Vector based images are one that are made using points and they are defined X and Y coordinate. Such points can join the paths for creating various shapes ad can also fill colours as well. The best part is vector images are able to resize in every size without losing the quality. It is been discovered in recent time, that vector graphics have become complex and one can add complex shapes, gradients and as result can have the detailed and scalable vector images. As the best thing is vector images are able to change in any size and that is why used in graphic design services for making logos and other outputs.

CMYK and RGB- CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key and it is a standard colour mode for sending documents for newspapers, magazines, annual reports, brochures, flyers and many other prints. When the job is send to press, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black plates are created and then aligned for printed on paper. A website designer must use RGB as most monitors can show only RGB colours. When the designer is working I illustrator or Photoshop, then present there is option to set the colour mode for documents to CMYK or RGB (Red, Green, Blue for screen output). As comparison, CMYK having less colour gamut compared to RGB, so can also experience the loss of colour when using applications to covert RGB to CMYK.


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